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Beyond Say Yes to the Dress — 8 Things You Didn't Know ... 5, 2016
"We stay ahead of the trends and since we shop the world, we actually ... "Kleinfeld carries the largest selection of plus size designer bridal gown samples.
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J.Crew Is Indeed Axing Its Popular Bridal Line

Refinery29-Nov. 4, 2016
If you're on the hunt for your own wedding dress or are figuring out your bridal ... Nothing like a farewell shopping binge to metaphorically pour one out, right?
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Meet the woman who has opened Northern Ireland's first ...

Belfast Telegraph-Aug. 22, 2016
From the pages of glossy bridal magazines to the mannequins of wedding gown shops, brides-to-be all have one thing in common - they are slim. Now, though ...
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Jerry Hall's Wedding Dress: The Fashion Verdict

Marie 7, 2016
Supermodel Jerry Hall married media overlord Rupert Murdoch at the weekend, in an actually quite magical winter wedding ceremony at St Bride's church on ...

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