Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Berger president of Lippa's Estate and Fine Jewelry to retire ...

Vermont Biz-Nov. 1, 2019
Vermont Business Magazine Lippa's Estate and Fine Jewelry has announced that Jeffrey Berger, President and CEO will be retiring after 50 years, effective ...
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The “Gem Supplier” Every Emerging Jewelry Designer Should ...

JCK-Jun. 24, 2019
It's exciting for any jewelry designer to see their pieces worn on the red carpet, ... in the engagement ring's star turn—the supplier of the vintage sapphire and ...
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Local Jewelry Store Offers up AntiqueVintage Pieces

Volume One-Jul. 10, 2019
In the hunt for unique vintage and antique items, a jewelry store might not be someone's first instinct, but some jewelers bring on the used jewelry game. As part ...
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Of decadent nature: How to collect vintage jewellery by Jean ...

The CEO Magazine (blog)-Apr. 15, 2019
If Mother Nature was on steroids, her children would look like Jean Schlumberger's jewellery. Bold, colourful and whimsical, his creations reveal a man who ...

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but the mood, the penetrating reality; something
exciting, intoxicating, seductive, tangy work of art and
enveloping the consciousness of the magical mist. The actor even more than others
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a magician, as a magician, as a medium. It must first merge with a poetic
fiction, to to their experience, their excitement, their ecstasy to convince
the audience force her to accept the illusion and revel in it" (Kugel A. R.
Theatrical portraits. -- PG.-M., 1923. P. 25-26).
So we have a new semiotic hypothesis, leading to
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