Monday, November 18, 2019

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Believe it or knot: The world's most over-the-top weddings ... 2, 2012
From £80m yachts to moonwalking Michael Jackson... the O.T.T. weddings that put ... Her dress cost a cool £35,000, the flowers were a snip at £60,000 and the ...
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Meet the hottest wed-tech startups artfully disrupting “I do”

The Next Web-Jun. 9, 2012
Brides are having dress fittings, grooms are addressing envelopes, and best men ... their findings (which we offer through our 'Bundles') and now, even shop.”.
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Fixing family firms? That's my Forte! Alex Polizzi uses her ...

Daily Mail-Jan. 20, 2012
Alex arranged for the shop layout to be redesigned and made Anne and her ... 'Their profit margin per wedding dress was good but they'd spent £60,000 on this ...
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You may now kiss the brides: Couple renew their marriage ...

Daily Mail-Jan. 9, 2012
The couple re-affirmed their wedding vows last year and before the ceremony went dress shopping together, making sure their outfits didn't clash. On their ...
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Shawn Ashmore Is Married

People Magazine-Aug. 29, 2012
Shawn Ashmore is off the market. The X-Men star, who played the mutant Iceman in the superhero movies, married film executive Dana Renee Wasdin on July ...

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