Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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BBC News

The Queen bans Meghan Markle from wearing jewellery ...

The Sun-Apr. 3, 2019
“Aspects of Meghan's behaviour, including before the Royal Wedding, ... the items from the Royal Collection worn by Princess Diana would not immediately be ...
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A look back at the Queen and Prince Philip's glorious royal ...

HELLO!-Aug. 25, 2019
The couple tied the knot back in 1947 in a beautiful royal wedding at Westminster Abbey. The affair was attended by royals from all over Europe including Spain, ...
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Revealed: The message Kate sent on her wedding day with ... 30, 2019
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tied the knot in their spectacular royal wedding in 2011. Kate's wedding day look was much admired around the world, ...
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Dubai royal wedding: Sheikh Hamdan and brothers celebrate ...

The National-Jun. 6, 2019
It was, first and most importantly, a joyous occasion, with family and close friends gathered to celebrate an Eid wedding. This being Dubai, and the fact that the ...
All eyes on royal wedding
Local Source-Khaleej Times-Jun. 3, 2019

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