Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Antique jewelry is on trend for the holidays. Here are some ...

The Desert Sun-Sep. 23, 2019
The upcoming holiday season looks to be a good one for vintage gifting, and one of the most active categories is likely to be antique jewelry. Accordingly, I've ...
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2019 Big Survey: Jewelers Predict Next Trend in Jewelry

INSTORE MAG-Oct. 22, 2019
Pre-owned jewelry, including vintage jewelry, updated estate jewelry, repurposing ... 2019 Big Survey: 10 Times When Jewelry Store Employees Left the Job in ...
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Kingsville flea market showcased local crafters and vintage finds

Windsor Star-Jul. 8, 2019
Kingsville flea market showcased local crafters and vintage finds ... noting the market typically also has vendors selling vintage jewelry, primitives and quilts.

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reflection reveals, analyzes, and develops similarities.
The first stage allows for the artificiality, however, with
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