Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from Grok Nation

Alien Forms Jewelry combines geek culture and custom high ...

Grok Nation-Jan. 10, 2019
But if we must quantify it, you might come up with Celtic-geek-vintage jewelry, what Omer Nainudel creates. Since Omer's custom jewelry shop, Alien Forms ...
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Moda Operandi's Lauren Santo Domingo Shares Her Favorite ...

Robb Report-Jun. 22, 2019
I think we're all far more open to vintage jewelry. Currently, I'm leaning towards the selections of late '70s and early '80s Bulgari, Marina B, and David Webb.
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Lisa Carlson brings “found object” jewelry making to Las ...

Las Cruces Sun-News-Feb. 21, 2019
The first year Lisa Carlson brought her jewelry to the Las Cruces Arts Fair, she ... Now it's more difficult to find high-quality jewelry at bargain prices at antique ...

Easiest way to repair your vintage jewelry? Do it yourself

Danville Advocate-Nov. 8, 2019
Question: Hi Jerry, I know that I'm late to the game but I'm really into vintage and costume jewelry. It doesn't have to be too old but I like the colored stones.

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