Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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royal wedding, Menemsha-style

Martha's Vineyard Times-May 18, 2016
Janelle Larsen and Dakota Fogg married last Saturday afternoon in a storybook Island wedding under a warming sun on Menemsha Beach in Chilmark.
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Karlie Kloss Shares an Instagram With Her Royal 'Wedding ... (blog)-Sep. 26, 2016
As if Princess of PopTaylor Swift wasn't enough, Karlie Kloss's squad now includes actual British royalty. The 24-year-old model shared a selfie on Instagram ...
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Royal Ascot: 8 gravity-defying hats from leading British ...

CNN International-Jun. 14, 2016
Don't even think about mixing with Queen Elizabeth II in the elite "Royal Enclosure" while wearing a headpiece with a base -- heaven forbid -- less than 10 ...
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'I've never mastered this!' Duchess giggles as she pours pint of ... 1, 2016
Pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's love story from the Royal wedding in 2011, to Prince George's first birthday in 2014. Play. Britain's Catherine ...


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language is knowledge only in an unconscious form; he
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I noticed that in the XVIII century the best treatises on logic were
written by grammaticae. This means that the requirements
grammar was analytic and not an aesthetic order.
This affiliation of language to knowledge frees whole
historical space, in a previous era not