Friday, November 15, 2019

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A Machine-Washable Bridal Collection Is Now An Actual Thing

Refinery29-Jan. 22, 2016
Whether you're in the midst of dress shopping or are only in the Pinterest-board stage, these goods might have you completely rethink your bridal aesthetic.
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Another Celebrity Perk: Free Wedding Dresses

New York Times (blog)-Oct. 8, 2016
As the field of bridal dress design becomes more crowded, a number of .... illusion, was given to her by the owners of Kleinfeld Bridal, where she was shopping.
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Meet the Brand That Wants to Make Wedding-Dress Shopping ...

StyleCaster-Nov. 1, 2016
“By far the most frustrating part of the process was not being able to find the dresses in person to try on,” she says. “In the traditional wedding dress shopping ...
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Can You Spot the $10000 Wedding Gown? 27, 2016
The average bride spends more than $1,200 on a wedding dress, according to The Wedding Report, a bridal ... How to Avoid Wedding Shopping Gotchas

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