Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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A giant cake and the conga: a wedding fit for the Queen - A ... 30, 2017
In the case of A Very Royal Wedding (ITV), this was supplied by Alexander Armstrong, who glued together the story of our monarch's nuptials 70 years ago with ...
Queen's 1947 wedding cake recreated for TV show – and it's ...
Highly (blog)-Oct. 29, 2017
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Exclusive: The Story Behind Pippa Middleton's Couture ... 25, 2017
Though the St. Mark's ceremony didn't involve the same pomp and circumstance as her sister Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal wedding, it still ...
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Queen and Philip 70th anniversary: How the royal wedding ... 14, 2017
AS Kate Middleton emerged from her car outside Westminster Abbey and took her first steps to her life as a future queen back in 2011, millions would have ...
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Meghan Markle is a bride again on the set of 'Suits'

HELLO! Canada-Nov. 12, 2017
Seeing Meghan in a wedding dress again, after her character's first attempt to marry Mike was interrupted back in season five, will likely have royal watchers ...

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