Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Story image for vintage jewelry from Vogue.com

A Former Vogue Fashion Assistant Is Selling the Coolest ...

Vogue.com-Aug. 28, 2018
After working as a freelance fashion assistant at Vogue and spending a few years focused on scouring the East Coast for rare antique jewelry, Vela decided to ...
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Five things you need to know about buying vintage jewellery ...

South China Morning Post-Dec. 18, 2018
Vintage fine jewellery has all the hallmarks of a great Christmas gift. In the past Asians may have preferred to invest in new pieces, but this is changing. There is ...
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Lulu Frost's People of the Past Jewelry Collection Has ...

Vogue.com-Mar. 23, 2018
“I've been obsessed with vintage since I was a little kid,” says jewelry designer Lisa Salzer-Wiles, who recalls spending countless days hanging around her ...
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At Jean Jean Vintage in REO Town, jewelry is both art and ...

Lansing State Journal-Jun. 12, 2018
LANSING — Emily Duffelmeyer sees herself as more of a steward of antique jewelry than a salesperson. In the past eight years, the antique jewelry store owner ...

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