Monday, November 18, 2019

Story image for wedding dress shopping from Money Talks News (blog)

7 Ways to Get a Cheap or Free Prom Dress

Money Talks News (blog)-Apr. 17, 2013
Prom dress rental shops are popping up in several major cities. Bridal and tux rentals in your area might also rent bridesmaid dresses that double as prom ...
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Avril Lavigne Wears Black Wedding Dress, Watches Fireworks ...

Us Magazine-Jul. 3, 2013
... Chad Kroeger on Monday, July 1, in a black — not white — wedding gown. ... sources confirmed to Us, Lavigne, Kroeger and their wedding guests ended up ...
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Avril Lavigne Opens Up About 'Crazy Vacation' Wedding to ...

People Magazine-Jul. 2, 2013
Avril Lavigne planned to go all out for her Canada Day wedding to ... with a three-day celebration in the South of France in which she wore a black gown.

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