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5 essential wedding pro-tips: Demanding brides more likely to ...

New York Post-Jul. 13, 2015
First comes love, then comes marriage. And in between? Hours upon hours of wedding dress shopping — and all the stress, fights and over-consumption of ...
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Rise of the promzillas! Teenage girls spend more time ...

Daily Mail-Jun. 23, 2015
Teenage girls spend more time shopping for their school balls than brides do for ... looking for a prom dress than women do searching for their wedding dress, ...
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This Supermodel's Wedding Dress Was Made For a ...

POPSUGAR-Sep. 30, 2015
Read on to see Bar's dress from another angle, then shop for similar styles that will help you achieve the same look — whether it's for your wedding or otherwise!
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7 Brand-New David's Bridal Wedding Dresses With Jaw ...

Glamour-May 4, 2015
Anyone who's been a wedding guest knows the cardinal rule of wedding dress shopping: Watch your back. Since wedding guests spend most of the ceremony ...


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