Sunday, May 28, 2017

There are several ways to clean pearls.

Soap solution. From time to time it is necessary to take the baby soap and adding warm water, whisking foam. Then, using a soft cloth carefully handle every pearl of the foam. After this procedure, pearls should be wiped with a soft cloth, periodically rinsing it in clean, warm water. Dry it should be in a horizontal position, spread out on a soft cloth. Since when dried in limbo string stretched.
Professionals jewelry pearls are used for cleaning very weak solution of acetic or hydrochloric acid.
To clean the pearls may be used toothpowder. To do this, place the pearls in the composition and then soak them in a very weak solution of malic or hydrochloric acid. Wipe pearls can not be in any case.
Home cleaning pearls also permit the use of potato starch. If you rub each pearl starch, it will be removed from the dirt and excess moisture.
To return to a natural pearl luster use olive oil. A small amount to be applied to a soft cloth and wipe each gem. Jewelry also needs to clean after the procedure with a soft cloth.

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