Sunday, May 28, 2017

How to clean the pearls at home

Pearls - a unique jewel, which is located in the shells of mollusks, and needs to know how to care for her and take care of. And most importantly - how to clean the pearls will not harm him.

Since a part of the Pearl, there is only 2% of water, when her lack of time, pearls lose their luster and can begin to flake. Excess moisture also adversely affect the pearls  - it becomes turbid and loses its natural shine.

Pearls "afraid" 4 things:

A very bright light.
The elevated temperature.
High humidity.
What should be the proper care for pearls in the home?
Even ordinary house dust, which settles on the pearl and can leave micro-scratches on it, which will lead to loss of gloss. Therefore, it is necessary to store it in a box, padded inside with something soft. In addition, it is desirable to keep it separate from other jewelry.

Do not wear pearls as soon as came out of the bathroom. As already mentioned - high humidity bad for pearls. Especially, do not wear it in rainy weather. After addition of moisture, it is exposed and exposed pearls acid which corrodes over time nacreous pearl shell and loses luster and "melt".

If planning a trip to tropical countries, it is not necessary to take the decoration of pearls along. Under the influence of the bright sun and pearl fade and lose their luster. Moreover, far from home, you will be difficult to properly clean the pearls and the decoration as a whole on their own.

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