Sunday, May 28, 2017

Perfect metaphor sensuality of pearls

I started working with pearls after the birth of her son. I think Pearl is close to pregnant women. From a grain of sand in an oyster pearl grows - everything like a child ", - says the Danish jeweler Sofi Bille Brahe. Her earrings simple clear lines and laconic ring Sophie Bille Brahe with pearls created jointly with the Japanese brand Sacai, sold at Dover Street Market. Itself Sophie confidently blended in a galaxy of fashion jewelry designers working in a minimalist genre and skillful with the conservative pearl classic.

On the natural instincts and Japanese Mizuki says Goltz, the founder of the brand Mizuki Jewelry. The designer prefers all kinds of baroque pearls - asymmetrical shapes, grungy. She likes how it complements the cool simplicity of modern jewelry. For smooth classic pearls Mizuki looking for a special form, which allows him to "live on the body." Her earrings Marquis in the form of a stroke two lines within which settled a large drop pearl, are all - from Mishel Obama to Hollywood starlets. Designer insists on the "close relationship" with the carrier and decorations like when playing with a pearl body contours.

Perfect metaphor sensuality of pearls - jewelry in Italian Lia Di Gregorio. Leah found a new position for him hides a pearl inside the ring and a bracelet - and they are always in contact with the skin.

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