Saturday, May 6, 2017

High-end boutique aesthetic and an affordable price point

Launched in 2013 as a labor of love by founder Giuseppe Petti, Didofà grew to 2,000 authorized Italian retailers by 2015; 1,000 more are currently slated to begin retailing the brand over the next year in Europe and around the world. When Didofà's distinctive watches and fun, fashionable jewelry began flying off the shelves of the first authorized U.S. retailers to stock the products, Petti realized American consumers were just as hungry for Didofà as were the brand's hundreds of thousands of Italian fans. Airport duty-free shops were the perfect point of sale: Thanks to their depictions of instantly recognizable landmarks and hand-painted 3D theme scenes featuring accents like miniature flags and country-specific memorabilia, Didofà 3D watches had found an early following among travelers.

 "For me, Didofà is a way of remembering both distant and nearby places, those which I have visited and those I would like to visit, memories of a gesture or an experience," Petti explained. "Didofà represents both dreams and everyday reality, which I attempt to recreate in miniature with my creations."

With over 263,000 followers on Facebook and another 25,000 on Instagram, Didofà has a loyal brand following--in fact, the March 2017 issue of Cosmopolitan Italia featured a Didofà watch. With a high-end boutique aesthetic and an affordable price point, Didofà appeals to a wide variety of consumers, from trendsetters to jetsetters. The company's Facebook post featuring a sneak peak of the upcoming Didofà handbag line prompted one fan to comment, "Cannot wait to see them. If they are even 1/10 as cute as your watches they will be amazing!"

"We are thrilled to make Didofà watches and bracelets available in person to fashion-forward travelers all over the world through our new airport retail locations," Petti said. "And, of course, Didofà fans can still find the latest designs at"

With the ink barely dry on the Didofà duty-free shop agreements, Petti and his team are already hard at work designing and hand-crafting the Didofà handbag and perfume lines, to be debuted later this year. Stay up to date on all new product offerings by following Didofà on Facebook and Instagram (@didofawatch); see the full line of Didofà watches and jewelry at

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