Saturday, May 27, 2017

The main newsmakers are not men and women

In recent years, only talks about politics. Moreover, the main newsmakers are not men and women. First Ladies of America and France are competing for the attention of the fashionable audience, the British Prime Minister shocked the public choice once a daring pair of shoes, Vice President sets a new trend in Azerbaijan. What Russians? Women who decided to connect his life to politics, have to look good. And fortunately, our government representatives to cope with this, if not perfectly, then a solid four-plus. We offer you to evaluate their images and consider in detail the jewelry, which they supplement their conservative outfits.

We decided to move away from the standard scheme and not to discuss outfits and jewelry that is chosen well-known Russian women politicians. Some people prefer the expensive articles of gold and diamonds, others are something more simple. But, as it seems, it's still not in the cost, and how each of the jewelry complements the image of its owner. Striking blonde Tatiana Golikova bets on interesting necklaces and pendants, authoritative Valentina Matvienko does not recognize anything but heavy suites (her collection of diamonds and pearls are not discussed just lazy), and knowing the value of money Elvira Nabiullina does not change by the same clock (by the way not the most expensive) for many years. 

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