Saturday, May 27, 2017

Short journalistic texts cultural orientation.

Instagram-gallery ornaments on canvases of all historical periods. yet the author prefers to remain anonymous but is willing to talk to Instagram-correspondence about how the technology have brought to us the world of art and that we are no longer "see" the familiar vision of work many times. Careful scrutinizing brooch led him to the study of the history of art - it was necessary to seek an explanation for the change of tastes and shapes.

There is similar @charlottedicarcaci account - however, there are all the girls in bloom. Among truly pink flash pearl earrings, high hair in ribbons and plump rosy-cheeked children. 

Account antique shop in Milan with the jewels of 18-20 centuries. Luxury Australian opals in a frame with emeralds, corset brooch in the form of bows and flowers, Edwardian twisted parade earrings, carved coral, strict rings, and bracelets Art Deco platinum and white diamonds - in the compilation of the sense of taste to the brazen,  and ornate jewelry. 

Instagram magazine devoted to jewelry. Published twice a year since last year. Valuable not only for its bizarre shooting jewelry, which tries to show the decoration something more artistic than they are (and it's funny). There are a lot of invisible retro pictures (mostly Vogue archives), which, due to the universal inspiration in fashion not often published in books or albums. Many are accompanied by short journalistic texts cultural orientation.

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