Sunday, May 28, 2017

Luxury ring with pearls

Love for jewelry - one of the characteristic traits of women, in fact quite difficult to imagine a woman without all kinds of earrings, chains, bracelets or rings. Fashion jewelry of various kinds, shapes and materials are mandatory and rather weighty part of the collection of accessories of every woman. And in winter, when we wear clothes mostly dark tones, jewelry is given a special role in emphasis of the female image. Let's take a look at fashion trends in the world of decoration for the season 2017. What costume jewelry worth decorate your image? Brooches If you think brooches accessories obsolete, something very wrong: any dress, jacket or sweater will become a completely different look if you combine them with a stylish brooch. And today it is fashionable to decorate clothes by several brooches that can be performed in the same style or different in size, style, and design. Do not limit your imagination: brooch - «must have» the female image. Jewelry with pearls Well, if you have plenty of string pearl necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelet with pearls, pearl jewelry because of today - at the peak of popularity. Pay attention to the Chanel collection in which the pearl beads adorn the graceful neck models or Gucci collection, which represent the luxury ring with pearls. Matt radiance pearls give any woman's image of the perfect elegance and incredibly feminine.

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