Sunday, May 7, 2017

The grace of the sting is now the pride of Turkey

Pearl is a precious jewelry for women for hundreds of years. What do you say about this stone with the symbol of elegance and simplicity?
The beauty of the ocean, the symbol of nobility and innocence. The only natural jewelry pearl that has won the admiration of women of all ages in every era.
Each hinge has its characteristic features that determine its own form and is unique with its distinctive features.

Colorful Gospels

The pearls in different tones have rainbow colors. There are also tonnes like pinkish, silver white, greenish-white, gray, cognac, cream color, black except gold.
Grace that comes every five years

Pearl as a beauty mask

Pearl as a beauty pearl women
For, it is not only a jeweler, but also a great proposition as the essence of beauty and anti-aging creams. Experts who have developed many care products in the past think that the amino acids and nutrients in the wound are a unique source of skin care.
The pearl passion of the famous painter Vermeer

The pearl passion of the famous painter Vermeer
The Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, although not well known in his lifetime, has become known in the art world with works left after his death. If you look at the works of my painter who works very carefully and carefully as if his works are working on pearls, there seems to be a curiosity about thrust.

 The Pearl Cube

Famous with Pearl Cube: Girl with Pearl Cube
Vermeer's most famous piece is the pearl girl with the Pearl Earl, also known as "North Mona Lisa ". As its name implies, it is a pearl of the focal point. It is thought that the girl pictured in the tabloid is the daughter of the painter or someone working with her. Tablodan inspired the book and then adapted to the white screen.

The indispensable accessory of women, beauty secret, pearl inspiration pearl, now with the success of Karaca, as you have never seen before, comes our tables. Karaca offers the Fine Pearl series of Sofranran, which uses real pearls in its construction. The grace of the sting is now the pride of Turkey

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