Friday, August 9, 2019

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Amazon Just Launched an Etsy-Level Bridal Shop 24, 2017
handmade accessories (think custom-made bowties, gloves, and jewelry) for your big day. "We created the Handmade Wedding Shop with the savvy couple in ...
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25 Of The Best Places To Buy An Engagement Ring Online

BuzzFeed News-Nov. 9, 2017
Their jewelry takes creative risks, but is still traditionally beautiful enough to be .... Rings we like: Round Moonstone Bridal Set for $229.99 (left), Pink Opal ...
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Rihanna Just Shut Down Cannes in the Best Bridal Moment 19, 2017
After bringing gothic glamour to La Croisette yesterday to celebrate her new jewelry collection with Chopard, Rihanna opted for the opposite palette this evening.
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Radiance Fine Jewelry To Close After More Than Decade On Damen

DNAinfo-Mar. 30, 2017
BUCKTOWN — After more than 10 years, Radiance Fine Jewelry is closing its doors as soon ... The shop — which specializes in bridal jewelry as well as repairs ...

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