Friday, August 9, 2019

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Lily Ashwell Takes Bridal Collection Online

WWD-Jan. 31, 2017
The Los Angeles designer, whose namesake store is located in Venice, began offering a small selection of gowns for brides and bridesmaids about a year ago ...
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The home of alternative engagement rings in London

The Jewellery Editor (blog)-Mar. 20, 2017
The alternative bridal market is growing, but hunting out engagement rings that ... With an in-house collection and a roster of contemporary jewellery designers ...
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Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses: 10 Tips to Pull It Off Beautifully 17, 2017
Today, brides are mixing it up with mismatched bridesmaid dresses, creating truly .... Or, consider statement necklaces or earrings for a uniform accessory look.
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Remembering Caroline Kennedy's Wedding, 31 Years Later (blog)-Jul. 20, 2017
Thirty-one years ago today, the closest thing America has to a princess got married. Caroline Kennedy, the only daughter of the late President Kennedy, married ...


Anonymous said...

Becoming a form, the meaning loses its random specificity, it
emptied, depleted, the story disappears from it and remains alone
letter. Occurs a paradoxical permutation of read operations, abnormal
regression meaning to the form of the linguistic sign to the signified of the myth. If
consider the sentence quia ego nominor leo exclusively within the borders
language system, it retains all its richness, fullness, all
the attribution to specific events: I'm an animal, a lion, live like that
country, return from hunting, and then demand of me that I shared my
prey with a heifer, a cow and a goat, but because I'm the strong,
arrogate to themselves all of the production, citing arguments, the last of
which is simply that I am CALLED the LION. However, the myth of the given
offer, becoming a form that does not retain almost nothing from this long
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requires new values filled in, this would destroy the form. Need
to push a story with a lion on the back burner to make room for
the example grammar rule, it is necessary to bracket a biography
African soldier, if we want to release the image from the previous content
and to prepare him for the acquisition of the new signified.

Anonymous said...

However, the main thing here is that the form doesn't destroy the meaning
it only impoverishes it, pushes into the background, disposing of them at its
discretion. You would think that the meaning is doomed to death but it's
death in installments; the meaning loses its self-importance, but continues
to live, fueling a form of myth. The meaning is to form something
store specific events, which is always at hand, it
the wealth you use, you direct a thief away in its discretion,
all the time there is a need to form could again take root in
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real for this, his image appears before us in all its richness,
vitality, spontaneity, the innocence, beyond a reasonable doubt. And at the same
time this reality is not independent, relegated to the background, as if
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armed with the concept of the "French Empire"; the reality becomes