Friday, August 9, 2019

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Pippa Middleton's "Something Old" Was Front and Center on Her ...

POPSUGAR-May 21, 2017
All eyes were on Pippa Middleton's wedding gown on her big day, but her earringsheld a special meaning too. As her "something old," the bride wore a pair of ...
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Crystals, Sage, and Wishing Bowls: How to Have a Modern Mystical ... 4, 2017
And before the big day, “we're going to be charging all my jewelry as talismans for the wedding,” Madara says. “My wedding jewelry will sit under the new moon ...
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Is Bella Hadid The New Elizabeth Taylor? 20, 2017
... covers every facet of fine jewelry. From emerging designers to historical treasures, the latest red carpet trends, the best bridal baubles and engagement rings, ...
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54 Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year for Him, Her, and Them 6, 2017
Each wedding anniversary has traditional and modern gifts, as well as traditional .... If the key to her heart lies in new jewelry, she'll swoon over this simple ...


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