Friday, August 9, 2019

Story image for bridal jewelry from New York Post

Millennial brides say yes to unusual sparklers

New York Post-Nov. 10, 2017
“They have a strong sense that they want to define their own style,” says Greg Kwiat, CEO of the Kwiat jewelry house, which celebrates its 110th anniversary this ...
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The Top 7 Trends of Spring '18 Bridal Week 24, 2017
Bridal Week got underway with a sparkling Reem Acra show at Tiffany & Co., ... Monique Lhuillier and Lela Rose made the case for OTT jewelry, too: One of ...
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'Tis The Season For Jewelry Stores To Shine And Build Business For ...

Forbes-Nov. 19, 2017
December is the month when jewelry retailers can be expected to make .... offer wedding/bridal services, such as florists, reception venues, and bridal fashions.
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Georgina Chapman's Marchesa Jewelry Dropped by Licensee After ...

Hollywood Reporter-Oct. 11, 2017
Georgina Chapman's Marchesa Jewelry Dropped by Licensee After Harvey ... their Marchesa and Marchesa Notte bridal lines at New York Bridal Fashion Week, ...

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