Friday, August 9, 2019

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Bridal jewelry trends 2017: Jewelry essentials for every modern-day ... 22, 2017
Bridal jewelry designs are no more boring, there has been a major transformation in the bridal jewelry designs. Of late, the bridal jewelry has a drastic ...
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All About the Diamond-Dusted Wedding Gown From Reem Acra's ... 19, 2017
Last night, Reem Acra kicked off bridal week in a big way: She showed her new ... Put together, the jewelry comes out to a whopping 165 carats of diamonds and ...
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This Stunning Bride Got Married Without Jewellery Or Makeup To ...

BuzzFeed News-Aug. 17, 2017
Four days after her wedding reception, Jara posted a photo, detailing why she decided to attend her wedding wearing a simple cotton saree, no jewellery and ...
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Pippa Middleton Brings Part of the Royal Wedding to Her Own Wedding

E! News Canada (blog)-May 20, 2017
Kate did not wear her royal wedding earrings or other Robinson Pelham jewelry at Pippa's wedding to James Matthews Saturday. She sported pink Kiki ...

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