Friday, August 9, 2019

Story image for bridal jewelry from FinSMEs
FinSMEs Raises $140 Million Growth Equity Investment from ...

Business Wire (press release)-Apr. 6, 2017
“We are very excited to be investing in to help them offer not only incredible value in bridal jewelry, but to become the jeweler for life for savvy ...
Story image for bridal jewelry from San Francisco Chronicle

Bridget King jewelry: Dazzling twist on tradition

San Francisco Chronicle-Jun. 1, 2017
When it comes to jewelry for brides and bridal parties, her philosophy is simple: “You don't want to look back in 20 years at your wedding photos and say, 'What ...
Story image for bridal jewelry from Fashionista (blog)

Can Old-School Fine Jewelry Brands Woo Fickle Millennials?

Fashionista (blog)-Dec. 15, 2017
And with increased competition from fashion brands and newer jewelry ... for jewellers as bridal and other relationship milestone-related jewellery," it notes.
Story image for bridal jewelry from New York Times

Jewelry Gets Ready to Party

New York Times-Sep. 12, 2017
“Minimalism has been a trend for so long in fine jewelry, I think it's time for big, fun statement pieces to come .... Demure bridal diamonds and pearls it was not.

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