Sunday, January 6, 2019

Tiffany & Co - "Give Voice to Your Heart"

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Pearl Necklace said...

When long ago introduced a school uniform for girls, many of them were initially very dissatisfied with it. But at the end of the school year on a new form of a schoolgirl began to respond very positively. Talking about the information received? That it actually good, or that schoolgirl just got used to it. Having conducted a sociological survey on the attitude to the new form and received quite a lot of positive responses, respondents could not make a clear conclusion. It was not clear form either a really successful or schoolgirl during the year was used to it, adapted, and on the question of whether a convenient form, answered "Yes", although in reality it is possible that the dissatisfaction it left.
For any numbers, whether percentages, absolute values, indices, etc. in the analysis of sociological data must be approached very cautiously, always clearly imagining what the objective reality they reflect. Otherwise can you get such absurdities, which then can lead to negative social consequences.
Does this mean that we can't trust the figures of the sociological research, does not believe his ears and eyes? No, of course. Empirical studies, opinion polls are the main (though not only) the findings and conclusions of sociologists. But the interpretation of these data must be approached very cautiously, and only repeatedly convinced of the truth of the assumptions and validity of the data. Before to assess the different processes, it is necessary to consider comprehensively the studied phenomenon, in order not to miss the essential phenomena and to see the manifestation of the essence.
This, in fact, is the main task of the sociologist. Chapter 4. Drama questionnaire
Taken together, the questions do not form a sociological study in its scientific understanding. But a certain amount of collected together even in a random order of questions produces a new quality that is independent of the sociologist. Wants the researcher or not, but by having the questions and arranging them in a certain way, it already addresses the first objective of the questionnaire - presentation of the issues in their integrity. However, that whole which is constituted by a set of questions, will be a sociological questionnaire only if it can be used to solve the main research problem.
The specifics of a particular research problem, defines the structure of the questionnaire, its form and content. Each specific application can have its own characteristics, but there are General rules of its construction, by which you can be sure that the tasks will be successfully resolved. A lot of these rules. But first, you need to take into account peculiarities of the perception of the questions in the questionnaire and the questionnaire in General, the manner of presentation, ability to build correspondence conversation with the Respondent, and more.

The influence of the researcher on the Respondent