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The method of the object
A properly structured questionnaire that corresponds to their object of study. Often wrong
information we receive when trying to use the same methodology in the study of various essentially social phenomena. Every effect (the class of phenomena) possesses characteristics distinguishing it from other phenomena, and therefore requires special techniques for its study.
For example, we every day and every hour have been measuring, often without realizing it. The weather today is better than yesterday. But yesterday, my condition was worse than today. We notice that with age children's character changes, and from frequent use of the book quickly deteriorate, etc. and every time we use a specific measurement method. We check the temperature with a thermometer, and well-being according to whether aching head, the changing nature of children - their words and actions, etc.
Developing the research methodology, we clearly need to imagine an objective connection, relation, property, etc. we measure how our research method adequately reflects the processes that occur in the objective reality and whether it is of the essence and the nature of the object of study. Changing the methodology of research, we receive various information. Quite often, the sociologist does not fully imagine what methodology should be used to answer the objectives of the study and the nature of the phenomenon under study.
Errors usually arise when the sociologist attempts by known methods to explore new areas of social life. Impatience to know what one is so great, that he does not have time not only to develop, but even to realize fully that in this case may require fundamentally new techniques of research. The result is that he does not see the unknown, which sought to see. And only stuffed his bumps are finally convinced that you need to start with the end at the beginning, i.e. to create new methods, techniques, and tools of sociological research.
Take any profile and you will see that some of the same questions explored satisfaction with family and marital relations, and job turnover at the plant and the migration processes of the population, the interests of the readership and audience of radio and television. The same methods, the same in form and content issues examine relations between adults, adolescents, offenders, etc. Examples can be cited. Compliance methods the object of study is one of the fundamental principles of any sociological research is the key to obtaining reliable information.

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