Sunday, January 6, 2019

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Pearl Necklace said...

It is clear that in this example, the main search term to the question "did You... offer...?" not fully disclosed the proposed set of alternatives. The proposed alternative is essentially defined by two concepts: "in what form had made proposals" and "the effectiveness of the proposals." This formation of the question the Respondent offered quite a difficult task. Since the alternatives do not fully describe the question, the Respondent must either answer the content question or alternatives, or to cut off is not significant, in his opinion, alternatives and focus only on some of them. He may have another option: find a third, more General concepts, which would include the concept as the issue and alternatives. But in any case as if the Respondent did not answer, what would the concept as the core for answer is not selected, its responses would not provide the information that was expected, wanted to the sociologist. On the semantic concept of a question ("did You... propose?") information will be incomplete and inaccurate. Although the first two alternatives and carry information about the number of made proposals. Limiting himself to only these forms of making suggestions (spoke at meeting and wrote to the Newspapers), sociologist thereby compartment of the respondents who had made proposals in any other form. For this reason, information is not complete and on the semantic content inherent in alternatives (form proposals). Will not get the researcher the necessary information and the third option (how many people have not made any proposals), since the concept of "futility" is not complete in this context of reasoning. Can be considered useless to make suggestions for improving the work of the enterprise, nevertheless to do it as it happens often.
Thus, the problem of how not to build issues, is much harder than it seems at first glance. Make sure you know the rules for constructing questions and recording information. But in addition, must know well the rules for constructing the questionnaire as a totality of issues, and will be discussed in the following paragraph.

What is a properly constructed questionnaire?

The rules should be able to break