Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Fascinating Story of The Cartier's Panther

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Pearl Necklace said...

1. The presence of contradictions. Any answer to the dichotomous question is contrary to one of the sub-questions. "Tell me, please, whether You like to skate and ski?" (response options: "Yes", "no"). If he loves to skate and loves to ski, then any response will necessarily be in conflict with another.
2. The lack of explanatory alternatives. You cannot answer neither "Yes" nor "no", and requires a detailed response. "Tell me, please, whether You prefer walking in the summer walking to work or to use any transport?" This question requires a full answer: "in the Summer I prefer to walk to work".
This sophistic method used even in the ancient world. The question was asked: "if you have Stopped beating your father?" ("Yes", "no"). If the answer is "Yes", it turns out that you beat his father, if "no", it turns out that now beat. Here is required detailed answer: "I never hit and did not hit his father."