Sunday, January 6, 2019


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Pearl Necklace said...

A carefully designed questionnaire study it corresponds to objective reality. Perhaps it is ut-
approval will seem trivial, as all accustomed to the fact that the questionnaire reflects the necessarily, corresponds to the content object. However, in practice it is often not the case. During the sociological research we can not always definitely enough to say about what the phenomenon in question that reflect the various figures obtained in the survey and what information we take the process of analysis of its results. It is not always possible to say what the objective reality reflects the acquired information. False, misleading information that does not meet the objective reality actually is, its attribution to the wrong object. The figures that we get, always reflective of some objective reality. The researcher should know which process is reflected in the materials of sociological research. This is what turns out to be quite difficult.
The survey question: "If You want to go to work in another Department, what could You do that?" But what "would be able to do?" The researcher had in mind would have allowed such a transition authorities. The Respondent can understand so that he would be able to do it for some personal reasons and considerations. In the result of different interpretations of the concept, the sociologist does not receive the information that was expected.
To interpret the respondents ' answers can be very difficult. If in some cases this interpretation may be quite justified, in other cases, the justification requires careful further study. We ask the question: "please Tell me, do You know the name and patronymic of your GP?" If Respondent answers in the affirmative, it is possible with certainty to assert that the Respondent has not very good health, unless, of course, them brings something different. But here we ask about his health and if he says good, then that reflects this response: the fact that he has really good health or that he perceives their health as good, i.e., we remove the information about his health or about his opinion about your health. Agree that this is very different information that reflects different region of the objective reality.