Sunday, January 6, 2019

RUBY ( R-0031 )

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Pearl Necklace said...

The researcher can pose the problem to study how the perception by the Respondent of its health depending on its condition. And probably a dependency there, but this requires more thorough investigation, perhaps even his special techniques, perhaps some who at first glance would contradict some well-established terms and concepts.
The problem of substitution of information is more significant than it sometimes seems. With her we encounter at every step and not always successfully solved. Often in life, we incorrectly interpret the received information attributed to phenomena is not the essence which they have in reality. Yesterday, my head was dull and very dry with me. I'm racking my brain thinking why he's upset with me, but really he just was in a bad mood. Girlfriend late for a date half an hour and the young man decided that she no longer loves, and really just had no bus.
And only because of this we often find ourselves trapped, i.e. construct their actions in accordance with our interpretation of the phenomena, not its true essence, and the result is not what expected. The young couple often argue just because they do not understand each other, wrong interpretiruya of each other's actions (perhaps this is one of the reasons for the divorce after a short marriage because the spouses have not yet learned to understand each other). Only in the long process of interaction, they begin to understand what is behind this or that word, and action.
Analyzing the results of the survey, a sociologist cannot say sometimes quite accurately, that behind a particular figure. And if the question about job satisfaction 80% of respondents said they were satisfied with it, it does not mean that the data obtained can be interpreted as the satisfaction it work, and not what some other attendant aspects. The survey of young workers about job satisfaction showed a trend that with increasing experience in the enterprise and increases their satisfaction with work. Is this a consequence of social and professional adaptation of young workers in the enterprise, wage growth or real job is good because it does not prevent to study in College, College. And so it was, when we conducted research among young drivers.