Thursday, June 6, 2019

When It Comes To Fashion, How Are Kids Spending Their Money?

Harper's Bazaar Singapore (press release) (blog)-2 hours ago
... RTW, shoes, bags, beachwear, lingerie, fine jewellery and sportswear. ... Stella McCartney, for example, was a pioneer of vegan luxury ... So many youth opt to buy secondhand or even fewer fashion products in general.

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The Secret Global Network of Private Super Jewelers 20, 2018
But this new breed of jewelers—five of whom are represented in this ... in bright pink enamel, and create cauliflower brooches in fine diamonds.
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11 online startups that make affordable and sustainable fine jewelry

Business Insider-Aug. 22, 2018
You'll notice while shopping at these 11 fine jewelry brands, however ... and third-generation jeweler, drops new pieces every week of the year, ...
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Richemont profit surges 128% after YNAP acquisition

Retail Gazette (blog)-May 17, 2019
The Swiss luxury giant, which owns retailers Dunhill, Cartier and Chloe, ... in directly-operated jewellery and specialist watchmakers' stores.

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