Monday, June 17, 2019

Online Jewelry's Growth Restraint

Rapaport-Feb. 27, 2015
RAPAPORT... U.S. online jewelry sales have increased rapidly in recent years, but observers note that thin profit margins and consumers' reluctance to buy ...
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Bringing Diamond Jewelry to India's Masses

Rapaport-Mar. 22, 2015
RAPAPORT... Carat Lane is a start-up retailer in India focused on selling diamond jewelry, primarily online. The company raised $31 million from Tiger Global, ...

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How to Sell Your Used Jewelry for Cash

Lifehacker-Nov. 10, 2015
When you need a little extra cash, digging through your jewelry box isn't a bad .... Selling jewelry online is a lot like selling anything else, but you have to take ...
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Five things to know as online jewelry retailer Gemvara grows

Boston Business Journal (blog)-Mar. 31, 2015
Online customizable fine jewelry retailer Gemvara has changed its business model several times since it was first founded in 2006 as a web-based supplier of ...


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Story image for wedding from Clicanoo
Electro and maloya: the perfect wedding album
Clicanoo - 2 hours ago
A marriage that has been declining for more than ten years now The Electropicales but that has existed for much longer on the island. The proof ...
Story image for wedding from The Point
A marriage slips in Mulhouse, an elected official attacked
The Point - Jun. 16, 2019
Saturday, a wedding skidded in Mulhouse during the meeting between the newlyweds and the guests at the town hall. While he was to be the sixth of ...
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The sensational dance of a child during a wedding creates buzz
Ohmymag - Jun. 17, 2019
A young boy just surprised all the guests of a wedding . Indeed, he gave a real dance demonstration, which made a lot of reactions ...

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The basic ideas of A. A. Potebnya lie in the following areas:
the internal form of words, human communication, poetry
thinking, mythical thinking, analysis of poetic texts (a fable, proverb,
saying), the ratio of words and thoughts.
Here's some of his statements (in the modern edition of his
selected works "Word and myth"):
"Inner form of the word is the content of thought to consciousness; it
shows seem to be a man of his own mind. This only
we can explain why in one and the same language may have many words for
denote the same object and, Vice versa, one word, absolutely
pursuant to the requirements of the language, may denote objects of heterogeneous"
(Potebnya A. A. Word and myth. - M., 1989. P.98).
"The inner form is also the center of the image, one of its signs
prevailing over all others" (ibid.P. 130).
"It seems that the symbolism of sound finds ready not only sound, but also
the word's inner form, and for the formation of the words was not needed.
It could be the reason for converting sounds into ready words" (There
same.P. 105).
"The word taken as a whole, as a combination of inner form and sound, is
primarily a means to understand the speaker, to percipitate the content of his
of thought" (ibid.P. 123).
"The word is so a means to understand the other, as it means
to understand himself" (ibid.P.127).