Monday, June 17, 2019

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How to Buy a Diamond Online for Less

Kiplinger Personal Finance-Feb. 6, 2015
But reputable online jewelers offer images (sometimes videos), detailed descriptions and certification of their diamonds and provide personalized customer ...
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Second-Year Student Runs a $100K Jewelry Empire

UVA Today (press release)-Jul. 8, 2015
A. I was looking for a summer job and every place I applied to either didn't get back to me or wasn't hiring, so I thought, “What if I sell jewelry online?” Once I had ...
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Neanderthal jewelry was much more sophisticated than previously ...

ZME Science-Mar. 12, 2015
Now, a new study has found evidence that 130,000 years ago, Neanderthals also designed elaborate jewelry, a degree of sophistication never seen before for ...
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More Jewelry Retailers Are Adopting Consignment Policies

New York Times-May 13, 2015
Consignment, the practice of giving jewelry to a store but being paid only when it ... It features as many as 20 fine jewelry trunk shows online each month, which ...


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How Lisa Marie Presley got rid of her very strange ...
Gala - Jun. 19, 2019
In January 1996, just two years after her marriage to Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley announced their divorce ... to the surprise ...
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Tina Kunakey unveils unpublished clich├ęs of her wedding for the party ...
Paris Match - Jun. 17, 2019
On the following shots, Tina Kunakey then unveiled unpublished moments of her marriage with Vincent Cassel. The two husbands are in ...
PHOTOS Tina Kunakey unveils unpublished cliches of her wedding ...
Here - Jun. 16, 2019

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"Language is a means to understand himself" (ibid.P.133).
"The word as the essence of a thing in prayer and curse will have power over
nature. <...> The power of words was not the result of any moral force
the speaker (it would imply the separation of words from thoughts, and the branches of this
was not) nor its accompanying rites. Independence of speech is already visible in
that no matter how powerful the gusts were praying, he should know
which word should he use to produce the desired.
The mysterious connection of the word with the essence of the subject is not limited to
sacred words of the conspiracies: it remains at the words in ordinary speech,"
(Ibid.P. 159).