Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Art Deco Jewelry: A revolution in form and function

Christie's-Oct. 15, 2015
Art Deco jewelry embodied these new democratizing influences and aesthetic ... A circle brooch, Lot 85 of Christie's Jewels online auction (above left), is an ...
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Exclusive! Get a Sneak Peek of Pamela Love's Just-Released Archive ...

Vogue.com-Aug. 18, 2015
Up until now, Love has existed online via her curated Instagram and a simple website with a small e-commerce business. But that's about to change, thanks to a ...
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Ask Rita: jewelry repair and women's skater shoes

Calgary Herald-May 4, 2015
A: My go-to for any costume jewelry needing repair is Beadles Beads and ... In last month's column I wrote about purchasing prescription eyeglasses online and ...
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Jewelry Boxes: My Bracelet's Keepers

New York Times-Feb. 11, 2015
Paige Novick has her own line of costume jewelry, but she also designs fine ... She found another animal motif, a Hippo by Deborah Bump, online at Exhibit ...


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Story image for wedding from FRANCE 24
Search of Carlos Ghosn's home for his marriage to ...
FRANCE 24 - Jun. 13, 2019
A search was conducted Thursday at home, near Paris, the former boss of Renault, Carlos Ghosn, as part of the investigation that ...
Sumptuous wedding at the Palace of Versailles: search at ...
L'Obs - Jun. 13, 2019
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Story image for wedding from Le Figaro
A strange marriage for all: the sacred union is strength
Le Figaro - Jun. 19, 2019
Book your tickets for A funny wedding for everyone on Ticketac. From this light argument, the unforgettable interpreter of the driver Salomon ...
Story image for wedding from AGEFI.com
Revisit marriage as a small SME
AGEFI.com - Jun. 19, 2019
The marriage has lead in the wing. Nearly one in two marriages ends in divorce and according to the latest statistics in Switzerland, the duration of the marriage ...

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"Language has an important and integral instrument of mythical thinking. But
unthinkable a weapon that their properties would determine the properties
activities performed at it through: what we do depends on
what we do: otherwise, write with a pen or charcoal, brush, etc. was
to be the impact of language myths is indisputable" (ibid.P. 261).
And some quotes from "lectures on the theory of literature", since this
the book was not included in the above publication:
"Saying there's an element of fable or proverb, a part of the incident
Proverbs and fables like the rest, thickening them, part of the immature to her"
(Potebnya A. A. From lectures on theory of literature. -- Kharkiv, 1930.
P. 97).
"Beyond words and before words there is a thought; the word only means
known for the development of thought" (ibid.P.108).
"To understand something of the process, i.e. during and not
the result, similar to what happens in the most speaking" (ibid.
"To speak means to convey his thoughts to another, but only to bring
in another of his own thoughts" (ibid.E. S. 111).
The more we grasp the meaning of what is being offered to young A. A. Potebnya,
the more convinced of the harmony of the proposed provisions. And from the point
of view of today we see how certain elements get
the further development. A. A. Potebnya even formulated for themselves a clear
task. He wrote: "the practical importance of theoretical linguistics should
be to inform the human