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How Klothed helps online shoppers try clothes with their smartphone 15, 2016
Online clothing vendors have been around for some time, but as an overall e-commerce segment they have been slow to take off, for obvious reasons.
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Fine Jewelry Disruptor Noémie Is Cutting Out The Middle Man And ...

Forbes-Dec. 7, 2016
Alpert states, “My goal with Noémie is to modernize how jewelry is purchased through our online platform, but while also maintaining all of the aspects one ...
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Las Vegas jewelry designer, 27, makes move from online to storefront ...

Las Vegas Review-Journal-Aug. 11, 2016
Before she began designing jewelry for a living, Las Vegas native Jenna Consiglio followed her parents' advice — she looked for what she thought would be a ...
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Neandertals made their own jewelry, new method confirms

Science Magazine-Sep. 16, 2016
But others argued that Neandertals were incapable of the kind of symbolic expression reflected in the jewelry and insisted that modern humans must have been ...


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Love is in the meadow 12: Marriage , baby ... What have become ...
Pure People - Jun. 5, 2019
Two years after the shooting of season 12 of "Love is in the meadow", in 2017, Karine Le Marchand finds the farmers for the ...
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Kenya High Court strongly rejects same- sex marriage
Africanews English - May 25, 2019
The High Court of Kenya rejected with rigor and passion Friday any possibility of same- sex marriage , with criminal sanctions ...

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assimilation and the use of language would be impossible if he
represented a mass of separate words. The words relate to each other
directly: 1) Association by similarity, and 2) the Association for the adjacency.
This is the nest or system rows of words. Association similarities do
possible creativity in language" (ibid.P.69).
N. In.Kruszewski draws attention not only to the factors
contributing to the creation of the system, but to factors that Deplete the system
called them destructive. He identified four: phonetic,
morphological, producing and reproducing. The last two are
the phenomenon of the existence of parallel forms, as well as the reproduction of the words of
another system (See: Ibid.P. 96-97).
Even the terminology used by N. In.Kruszewski,enough
close to modern reasoning: "we can't say that word
"wolf" has a form only because it is constantly
plays; it is produced, but produced in the sample
its structural, not material relatives"