Monday, June 17, 2019

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Alessandra Ambrosio And BaubleBar Team Up For Coachella ...

Forbes-Apr. 9, 2015
... with a Coachella-inspired jewelry collection in collaboration with popular onlinefashion jewelry retailer BaubleBar. The bohemian collection, BaubleBar x Ale ...
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Click to Bijoux: How to Buy Estate Jewelry Online (blog)-Mar. 5, 2015
But they are people that are used to shopping online, doing their own research. They like jewelry and most of the time they have an idea of what they want to buy ...
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This app lets you design your own accessories with your phone

Digital Trends-Nov. 28, 2015
With Japan's Monomy, described as an online DIY custom jewelry marketplace, anyone can create their own fashion accessories, cobbling together any ...
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Learn to 3D Print Your Own Jewelry Through Online Class 16, 2015
Jewelry-making is a complicated, time-consuming and expensive craft. Or, at least, it was until 3D printing came along. For aspiring jewelry makers, many doors ...


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A Fatah official dismissed because Jews seen at the wedding ...
The Times of Israel - Jun. 16, 2019
West Bank chief Deir Kadis said the four filmed Jews had not been invited and had come to harm ...
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Music and plastic: a new marriage ?
Le Petit Journal - 15 hours ago
Nowadays all music groups are similar: they follow the established pattern. This is not the case of Matmos. By Aitana Dominguez ...
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Meghan Markle: A surprising detail on her unveiled wedding ! - Jun. 18, 2019
The royal couple left an incredible surprise to their fans during an exhibition on their wedding presented at the Palais de ...
The unflattering nickname given to Meghan Markle after her wedding ...
Ohmymag - 19 hours ago
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Brant Daugherty (Pretty Little Liars): Her dream wedding with Kim ...
Pure People - Jun. 17, 2019
The marriage of Brant Daugherty and Kim Hidalgo was celebrated on June 15, 2019 in Northern California. To angels, the handsome 33 year old has ...

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"Art is the language of the artist, and how through the word cannot be transferred
another of his thoughts, but only to awaken his own
it is impossible to tell in the artwork; therefore the contents of this
the latter (when it's over) is already not the artist, and
understand. Listening will be much easier for the speaker to understand what is hidden behind
the word, and the reader may the better poet to grasp the idea of his works.
The essence, the strength of the work that went without saying under him the author, and in
how it affects the reader or viewer, therefore,
inexhaustible the possibility of its content. This content, the projected us
that is Blagoeva in the work, really understood it
inner form, but could not enter into the calculations of the artist who
works, satisfying the temporary, often very narrow needs of your
of life" (Ibid.P. 167).
"Language is a lot of evidence that such phenomena, which,
apparently, could be directly created and expressed in
really suggest long-lasting preparation is thought to be
just the latest in a series of many previous ones, already forgotten instances"
(Ibid.P. 195).
"The word for the speaker is a means to objectify his thoughts.
This does not mean that the word was a means to Express a ready-made thought, for
if the idea is already once I was ready, why do it to objectify" (There
same.P. 213).