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Wear Westeros: 10 Online Destinations for Game of Thrones Jewelry

Culturess-Nov. 26, 2016
In a world full of Game of Thrones Jewelry, a person can get lost shopping the four corners of the internet. We found all the best GoT-tagged swag for you.

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Fine Jewelry Startup AUrate Opens Its First Brick-and-Mortar Store

JCK-Apr. 14, 2016
“Some of our customers are not comfortable purchasing fine jewelry online,” Ezzahraoui concedes, “and they prefer to see the pieces in person. Having this ...
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3D printing helps $5 million Indian jewelry startup Melorra keep ... (blog)-Jul. 28, 2016
Jul 28, 2016 | By Benedict. Indian online jewelry startup Melorra, which raised $5 million in a successful seed round earlier this year, is using 3D printing to carry ...
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U-Treasure by K. Uno Offers Line of "Pok√©mon" Jewelry

Crunchyroll News-Jul. 8, 2016
U-Treasure by K. Uno, a brand of made-to-order jewelry focusing on pop culture ... The first 400 customers to place orders through K. Uno's online shop will ...

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