Sunday, June 2, 2019

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Wendy Brandes x Style Crone: Immortal Style

JCK-May 17, 2019
That I can count on one hand the people who come to mind who are celebrated by the fashion and jewelry industries for their individuality—Iris ...
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Mother's Day 2019: Andrea Fohrman's Moon Phases Jewelry

JCK-May 6, 2019
Anyone familiar with the work of Los Angeles–based jewelry designer Andrea Fohrman knows well that her collection is abundant with celestial ...
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Why should jewelry businesses opt Augmented Reality?

WhaTech (blog)-May 24, 2019
Likewise, Augmented Reality in jewelry has gone successful with more and ... How AR is changing the picture of online jewelry businesses.
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The 2019 INSTORE Design Awards Grand Prize Winner

INSTORE MAG-May 11, 2019
The big online players didn't get where they are without investing considerable time and money into marketing, social media and ...

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Kate Middleton, a sapphire that is worth gold
Gala - May 10, 2014
The jewels of the celebrities contribute to the dream awake that they make live to their fans. This is how Catherine, duchess of Cambridge born Middleton, is ...
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Charlotte Casiraghi: what's that rapper's look ?! (Photos)
RTL info - Dec. 8, 2014
This time, she chose to dress up as a rapper from head to toe: short top, big ear rings, cap, jacket, headphones and bling-bling jewelry .
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Jessica Lowndes boosts her look with a fluo bag, top or flop?
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All our wardrobe, even our vanity goes: dresses, bags, jewelry , sandals, nail art. Jessica Lowndes' fluo briefcase bag did not go unnoticed.
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Anne Hathaway: Missed wax look-alike and perfect spiritual odyssey with ...
Pure People - Nov 14, 2014
... Anne Hathaway, still in love, evokes for Gala magazine her relationship with Adam Shulman, jewelry designer she married in 2012.