Sunday, June 2, 2019

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Supplier News: JCK Las Vegas 2019 Edition

JCK-May 20, 2019
Family-owned fine jeweler Rahaminov has a brand-new ad campaign that will serve as the focal point of its presence at JCK Las Vegas.
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JCK Las Vegas 2019 Preview: Charles & Colvard's New Duet Rose Cut

JCK-May 22, 2019
Moissanite manufacturer and jewelry brand Charles & Colvard announced today that it will debut a new gemstone cut at JCK Las Vegas 2019 ...
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5 Jewelry Predictions (and Goals) for JCK Las Vegas 2019

JCK-May 15, 2019
I love the way a hoop earring looks hugging a row of teeny pearls, and I'll be taking note of the variations seen at JCK. Show goal: to see an ...
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A.Jaffe to Debut New Collection at JCK Las Vegas 2019

JCK-May 24, 2019
I've been really excited to share with you my thoughts on potential trends to seek out at JCK Las Vegas, as well as the brightly colored jewels ...

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