Saturday, June 15, 2019

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My Mother's Day Jewelry Wish List

JCK-May 8, 2019
I remember reading, before I had a child of my own, about how one of my favorite celebrities celebrated Mother's Day. She talked about how ...
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Lydia Courteille's New Jewelry Collection Is Inspired by Marie Antoinette

JCK-Mar. 5, 2019
It's easy to see how the sale of Marie Antoinette's jewels at auction last fall, and current discussions about women in roles of power, could ...
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Can Old-School Fine Jewelry Brands Woo Fickle Millennials?

Fashionista (blog)-Dec. 15, 2017
Long treated as a purely in-person purchase, fine jewelry is increasingly being shopped for online, even if the final purchase takes place in a ...

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EBay will now authenticate luxury jewelry items

TechCrunch-Dec. 4, 2018
Timed to coincide with the launch, eBay is also listing more than 45,000 luxury jewelry items for sale, including both diamonds and other ...

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The jewels of the actress Assawer stolen during her engagement (Photos)
FM Mosaic Radio (Press Release) - Jun. 12, 2019
The security units under Jendouba safety district managed to arrest three individuals who stole jewelry from the Assawer Ben Mohamed actress, ...
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Virgil Abloh unveils its own line of jewelry - Jan. 15, 2019
Virgil Abloh launches a new brand under his own name with a first jewelry collection inspired by the modest trombone. The artistic director of ...
Virgil Abloh presents a first jewelry collection at Costes Hotel EN - Jan. 15, 2019
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With its Ceremony collection, S├ęzane releases the great game
Marie Claire - Feb. 15, 2019
Today, the brand is renewed with a capsule collection of ceremonial pieces or evenings and delicate jewels . Whether you're invited or ...
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Vintage, graphic, diamonds in you & me ... Our five rings of ...
Le Figaro - Mar. 14, 2019
... briolette-cut diamonds and above all, the charm of old jewelery that she infuses through her everyday jewels . Ideal alternative to vintage rings, ...