Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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Making your own jewellery is easier than you think

New Zealand Herald-Aug. 1, 2015
Tucked behind Kingsland's Royal Jewellery Studio, these classes have been .... necessary for a professional jeweller Adam takes a more low-tech approach ...
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Jeweller Fiorina Golotta still loves dressing up

The Australian Financial Review-Jun. 3, 2015
Fiorina Golotta wears leather burgundy top by H&M and Riccardo Tisci; Camilla & Marc pants; Prada boots; Fiorina Jewellery Tie Tassel Necklace, emerald ring, ...
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'Trojan Horse': Park View pupils 'fed diet of Islam'

BBC News-Nov. 16, 2015
Mr Faraz, former deputy head of Nansen, is currently facing allegations in a separate hearing that he breached professional standards of conduct as a teacher.
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An essential guide to bridal jewellery

The Daily Star-Nov. 2, 2015
Don't worry if your gold jewellery becomes darker or more copper in colour in certain areas. This can happen from moisture. Take it in for professional cleaning ...

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