Tuesday, June 4, 2019

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Lab-Grown Diamonds Become a Bandwagon

JCK-Nov. 16, 2017
Yes, many in the industry remain wary of lab-grown diamonds, and events like this week's report of a fake GIA inscription certainly don't help matters. But at the ...
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Lab or mined diamond: Why jewelers can't tell the difference

WLOS-Feb. 9, 2017
The GIA, or Gemological Institute of America, calls itself the foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones and pearls. It's a nonprofit institute and a source for ...
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James Allen, CanadaMark, and the Growing Trend Towards Origin ...

JCK-Jun. 2, 2017
Finally, it shows the growing importance of origin-tracked diamonds, as shown by the new offerings from GIA and Rio Tinto, and the continued guarantees ...

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Jetsun Pema, queen of Bhutan, gave birth to a baby boy
Madame Figaro - Feb. 8, 2016
The Queen of Bhutan, Jetsun Pema, nicknamed the "Kate Middleton of the Himalayas", gave birth to her first child on Friday, February 5th. He becomes the prince ...
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PHOTOS: Emily Ratajkowski topless
Closer - Mar. 23, 2016
Top Emiliy Ratajkowski raises the temperature a notch by posing for the jewelry brand Jacquie Aiche. Closer.fr reveals the photos of the ...
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The (good) method of education of Kate and William with their children
Marie Claire - Oct. 19, 2016
You have noticed ? Whenever Kate and William speak to their children, they put themselves up to them. It would be a very good method ...
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Chelsy Davy reveals behind the scenes of his break with Prince Harry
The Express - Jun. 30, 2016
They were the terrible lovers of British royalty : for seven years, Chelsy Davy ... Today, Chelsy launches his luxury jewelry brand called Aya.