Sunday, June 2, 2019

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Birthstone Jewelry: 15 Drool-Worthy Aquamarine Jewels

JCK-Mar. 4, 2016
If aquamarine really does have a soothing influence, some of that is likely due to the beauty of the stone itself. According to GIA, “Faceted aquamarine is often ...
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Style Spotlight: 15 New Diamond Wedding Bands

JCK-Mar. 9, 2016
Industry data tells us that wedding rings account for about one-third of jeweler's annual sales. Do you have enough inventory in store? Check out these 15 new ...
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Designer Spotlight: Geoffrey Scott

JCK-Jan. 19, 2016
With JCK's designer mix slated for the show, coupled with the way they've really embraced me, I'm super excited to see this event come together. Also, I'm ...
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Designer Spotlight: Melissa Spencer

JCK-Jan. 11, 2016
I'm absolutely thrilled to see her break into the wholesale scene at JCK Tucson this year. I think she'll soon be one of those designers about whom we all say, ...

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Athénée Adolphe Max in Brussels: a mother prefers to withdraw from school ...
RTL info - May 29, 2015
... in another class of 1st year, for the racket of his son's smartphone as well as for a theft of jewelry and money at the boy's grandmother.
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How Trudeau won
News - Nov. 10, 2015
Ask the question it is said to answer. the Kingship Liberal equal Desmarais Family Radio Canada..Vive the corrupt Liberal Capitalist in the four spheres ...
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EXCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE - Jean Raspail: "in dormition, the soul of the ...
Current Values - Apr. 9, 2015
Don Quixote of a royalty without a crown, paladin of so-called lost causes, knight serving as a timeless legitimist, champion of forgotten peoples ...
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Emmanuelle Béart natural and back in Cannes with Alice Taglioni
Pure People - May 13, 2015
After the members of the jury, the L'Oréal muses or the first actors to shine in competition, new personalities have landed ...
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Fashion Week: The Story of Madeline Stuart, Model and Down Syndrome
Madame Figaro - Aug. 18, 2015
The announcement of the participation of a young Australian girl at the New York Fashion Week has triggered a wave of applause in the ...