Sunday, June 2, 2019

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American West Jewelry Curated By Carolyn Pollack Exhibits at JCK ...

PR Web (press release)-May 18, 2016
For the first time in almost a decade, American West Jewelry will be exhibiting at the JCK Show in Las Vegas 2016 with styles that are all ...

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JCK Rising Star: Arya Esha

The Jewellery Editor (blog)-Apr. 27, 2016
JCK Rising Star: Arya Esha ... awards including the 2016 American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Award and the JCK Rising Star Award.

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How Doryn Wallach Is Jazzing Up the Fine Jewelry Industry

Forbes-Jun. 13, 2018
She was also named the Emerging Designer of 2016 by Centurion Jewelry and was the recipient of the 2016 JCK Rising Stars Editor's Choice ...

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Richard Mille appeals to your inner child with Bonbon collection

WatchPro USA-Jan. 14, 2019
I sense the influence of Amanda Mille-Bey, Mr Richard Mille's daughter who lives full time in Dubai these days, in the design of the Bonbon ...

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Elisabeth II: behind the scenes of her state visit
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The men's crown, the royal trip of Dolce & Gabbana - Jan. 15, 2014
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