Saturday, January 11, 2020

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The green wedding guide

Financial Times-Jul. 11, 2019
In April, Amy Powney, creative director of Mother of Pearl produced her first ... The fashion search platform Lyst says there has been a 93 per cent spike in ... from a preternaturally photogenic Victorian railway arch in London's Shepherd's ...
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Oscars 2019: The Best Jewellery 25, 2019
As red carpet veteran Fred Leighton showed with Danai Gurira's Victorian headband and earrings, great jewellery design lives forever- just like great movie ...
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from British Vogue

The Men's Jewellery Trend We're Planning On Copying In 2020

British Vogue-Jan. 2, 2020
... scarves and ties with Victorian-style gold chains, inspired by Caravaggio's ... I'd happily wear Vogue fashion critic Anders Christian Madsen's pearl choker, ...
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Fall River Herald News

Lizzie Borden paper dolls depict a story through clothing

Fall River Herald News-May 24, 2019
Lizzie Borden paper dolls depict a story through clothing ... No hatchets or blood-stained dresses were allowed to spoil her lovely Victorian images. ... of cherries, a cameo that bore the likeness of a child's face, and the pearl buttons on one of ...

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