Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Story image for fashion industry from Washington Post

The fashion industry tries to take responsibility for its pollution

Washington Post-Jun. 30, 2016
The apparel industry — particularly the inexpensive, runway-to-retail segment known as fast fashion — is known to wreak havoc on the environment.
Story image for fashion industry from Newsweek Europe

Fast Fashion Is Creating an Environmental Crisis

Newsweek Europe-Sep. 1, 2016
In the next room, reporters and fashion bloggers sipped wine while studying the ..... Since then, fast fashion's market share has expanded, even as it has become ...
Story image for fashion industry from The Fashion Law (blog)

The French Fashion Industry Outpaces Aerospace and ...

The Fashion Law (blog)-Oct. 5, 2016
France's fashion and fashion-related businesses generate more sales than its aerospace and automobile industries, according to a study commissioned by the ...
Story image for fashion industry from Washington Post

The fashion industry wants to disrupt the runway. It's missing ...

Washington Post-Feb. 15, 2016
NEW YORK — As fashion week began, a polar wind was howling through the city's Midtown canyons. Mayor Bill de Blasio was issuing public warnings about a ...

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