Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Story image for fashion industry from BBC News

What is fashion week for and why is it changing?

BBC News-Sep. 19, 2016
London Fashion Week comes around twice a year (in September and February), ... According to the organisers, the fashion industry contributes £28bn to the UK ...
Story image for fashion industry from The Business of Fashion

Fashion's Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Business of Fashion-Aug. 16, 2016
LONDON, United Kingdom — In the 18th and 19th centuries, the first and second industrial revolutions harnessed water, steam and electric power to mechanise ...
Story image for fashion industry from Huffington Post Canada

Canadian Fashion Industry Needs Unity To Thrive

Huffington Post Canada-Sep. 14, 2016
One of the main issues that the Canadian fashion industry has is division. The industry lacks unifying support between all major fashion cities in Canada.


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Subsidiary questions

The subsidiary questions included in the questionnaire as an integral part and play a significant role. They ensure reliable operation of all major software issues.

Pearl Necklace said...

To determine personal characteristics. Pictures, quite often used to identify properties, traits, attitudes of the Respondent, etc. Often this is done in the psychological tests. For example, the test for attention. The Respondent offered two seemingly identical pictures, but with some minor differences in detail (such images are often printed in children's magazines for development of observation and attention in children), with a request for a specific time, say minute, to find the differences. If the Respondent during the reference time met the standard, he is attentive person. Deviation to one side or the other says more or less care.
Psychological tests based on the pictures, is quite varied, well designed and have a great kit for determination of various characteristics of the person. Investigated you can offer to finish the figure (a test of imagination), to describe any abstract painting or inkblot tests (imagination), etc.
The use of pictures in the questionnaire - winning reception. But this, of course, does not mean that you need to translate in pictures every survey question. Most of the questions, as a rule, does not require such representation because of the uniqueness of their understanding. Excessive use of figures can make it difficult to read the questionnaire.
The use of questions and judgments. When studying the peculiarities of legal consciousness of different social groups A. Grechin (ISI, USSR Academy of Sciences, 1975) used the test method, which is based on the extensive use of judgment. In the course of questionnaire respondents offered a variety of situations in which it needs to render a decision, in the form of graduating offer. For example: "If I found out that industrial wastes blamed suitable for use in the production of materials (equipment), I would...". Or, "If I noticed that the seller of shop weight wrong buyers, I would...", etc. the Respondent has to complete the sentence, thereby determining its attitude to a given situation and expressing his opinion.
These proposals could be formulated in the form of a question "What would You do if you saw that the seller of shop weight wrong buyers?" with a set of alternatives. But in this case, the researcher used levoprotiline form for recording information and determining the position of the Respondent.