Saturday, January 11, 2020

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How to wear a classic white shirt for the new season 24, 2017
For women of the Victorian era who first pioneered it, the white cloth of the ... with romantic details like a ruffled collar or cuff, puffed sleeves or pearl buttons.".
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Victorian strolls feature Dickens costumes

The Wellsboro Gazette-Nov. 26, 2017
“One of the truly wonderful and unique aspects of Dickens of a Christmas is the number of people who dress in Victorian clothing and walk the streets interacting ...
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Jenna Coleman wears £795 Burberry skirt to star-studded ... 26, 2017
... completed her look. STORY: Kourtney Kardashian's Pretty Little Thing fashion line is finally here ... Jenna Coleman looked stylish in a Victorian-inspired outfit.
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Beauty: at last, some good news about melasma

The Guardian-Nov. 11, 2017
I have always promised that if I ever find a product that significantly improves melasma (large brown patches caused by defective cells failing to regulate melanin ...

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